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When I was a young wife and mother of four young sons, the telephone that was bound to my kitchen wall and the television that was centered in our livingroom were the main sources of all of my information about cooking, childrearing, crafts, sewing and the like.  I spent many hours tethered to the long cord that curled its way obediently behind me as I kept an eye on  the kids while finding out how to make Roman blinds from my friend Barbara, who was a craft expert.  Or I turned on Good Morning America and watched Joan London and Julia Childs struggle through intriguing recipes together.  I hardly ever actually used information gleaned over the phone or TV waves.  Once in a while I read magazines to learn how to do something new, but mostly I depended on older women, my friends, my mom, aunts or grandmother’s experiences.  And a lot of what I cooked and how I organized my home was based on memories from childhood homes.

Then the internet descended upon us and life and information changed  forever.  It was as if everything I didn’t know I wanted and needed were served to me in a never ending cycle of ideas and experiences.  Sorting through it all was the first problem, and then judging which ideas would work for me was the second.  Seldom do I pick up the phone and ask a friend what she is serving for dinner.  I usually sign on to Facebook and see what my friends are posting about dinner, and if nothing is interesting there, I click on Pinterest and seldom fail to find at least ten menu suggestions there.  The ones I gravitate toward are those accompanied by comments such as:  I tried this recipe and my family gobbled it up.  I like tried and true.  Think of me as an aunt or grandmother who shares with you here, the ideas  that worked for me….and those that didn’t, and not just on cooking.  I will be sharing all of my pinterests!  Tomorrow:  Chess Square that I made gluten free and served for dessert, gleaned from this blog: