My sterilized burners

My sterilized burners

I know….they don’t look like they belong in a test kitchen…..but they are sparkling!

My pinterest test idea was this:

To clean burners on your range:

Put burners into a trash bag and add ammonia….did that….

No one told me the trash bag would leak, so just before I passed out from the fumes, I noticed the puddle of ammonia spreading out over my countertop.  I put on some gloves, grabbed paper towel and cleaned it up.  Now my countertops  are super clean. I put the whole trash bag with burners into another trash bag, sealed them and put everything in my recycle bin to wait.

Early this morning, I opened up the bag, and the ammonia again assaulted my senses.  I poured everything down the sink, and began scrubbing the burners.  No need.  They were absolutely spotless and non-greasy.  I put them on the stove and voila!

Pinteresting review  :-I :-O :-/ 🙂   (mixed)  Messy with overwhelming fumes but does an awesome job on cleaning burners, so you have to decide which you mind more:  grease or fumes?

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